For David Hakensen of Minnetonka (above left)(top photo), summer doesn’t begin until he has reread Helen Hoover’s “A Place in the Woods,” which, he says, “chronicles her living with her husband in remote northern Minnesota in the 1950s.” For students at Perpich Arts High School, summer is a time to steep themselves in reading. Says Nadija Hunt of Robbinsdale (above left)(photo three): “This summer I plan on devouring as many books as I can, preferably by the amazing award-winning author Stephen King.” Andrew Smith of South St. Paul (above center)(photo four) recommends “an immensely entertaining series — the Destroyermen books by Taylor Anderson.” And Omena Giles of Plymouth (above right)(above) is “counting on the lazy hours of a Minnesota summer to get myself caught up on my ever growing ‘to read’ list.” Meanwhile, Cindy Lutz of Eagan (top right)(photo two) is devoting her summer reading time to Ron Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton.” She and her son saw the Broadway show over spring break; now she is reading the book.