Local cheeses

Look for these cheeses at farmers markets, food co-ops, cheese shops, specialty stores and in the cheese departments of grocery stores.

Alemar: Bent River Camembert and Blue Earth Brie

Shepherd's Way: Big Woods Blue, Friesago (nutty Manchego-like)

Love Tree Farms: Trade Lakes Cedar (lush, nutty, fruity woodsy and silky)

Singing Hills: Chèvre

Star Thrower: Tomme

Sartori Reserve: Parmesan

Carr Valley: 10-year-aged Cheddar

Upland's Cheese: Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Rush Creek Reserve


• Potters Crackers

• Lucille's Jams and Jellies

• Locust Lane Vineyard Verjus Jelly

• Ames Honey

• Bees Kneez Honey