Laune, the up-until-now subscription bakery, will open its new storefront Friday (3605 E. Lake St., Mpls., Opened in 2015 by bread-obsessed Chris MacLeod, a self-professed accidental baker, the bakery took a hiatus for a couple of years as MacLeod moved to Switzerland, eating many fine breads along the way.

When he returned to Minneapolis and the bakery in 2019, he included Tiff Singh in his dream of baking slowly risen, whole-grain goodies. Singh's first baking job was at her hometown coffee shop in St. Peter, Minn. Since moving to Minneapolis, she learned from pros like Solveig Tofte of Sun Street Breads and went on to develop the bread program at Restaurant Alma.

All of the breads at Laune will be leavened with a sourdough culture and take a hyperlocal approach, including the use of grains grown in the region. The opening menu will include breads as well as a mix of sweet and savory pastries.

The name, pronounced LAO-neh, came from MacLeod's time living in Germany. Invited to a party, he did what any good guest does and asked what he could contribute. He said the typical response was, "Nur deine gute laune," or "just your good vibes."

Good vibes — and good stuff — will be served from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, or until they sell out. Regular bakery hours will come soon, and Laune will also continue its subscription service. Details at