22, student

Seen at: June Resale Boutique.

What are you wearing? Yves Saint Laurent chambray shirt, Givenchy tie, John Varvatos Star USA shorts, vintage loafers and necklace, my father's old belt and watch, vintage tie clip from June Resale.

Describe your style: I'll wear anything once, from glitter shawls to fringe vests. Right now, I find myself channeling the way my grandfather dressed in the early '90s: loud-printed silk shirts, gold choker necklaces, aviators and short jean cutoffs.

Name a piece of clothing you could never part with: Combat boots or my grandfather's old A-tank.

What's the best bargain you found recently? Last week I found a vintage Dior trench coat at Goodwill for $15.

Is there one thing you have to do before fall? Eat corn on the cob or find a good pocket watch.