Jeff Grider

33, co-founder of Smith & Bradley Designs; personal stylist

Spotted at: Northern Grade.

What are you wearing? J. Hilburn shirt and sport coat, J Brand raw denim, Allen Edmonds boots, Smith & Bradley watch.

Describe your style: I believe in respecting tradition, but adding a modern flair. My philosophy is "Know the rules before you break the rules."

Tips for choosing high-quality clothing: Invest in something that is going to last. Find someone who can advise you. There is no excuse for not knowing the basics of style.

What are some common fit mistakes? Your shirt should not flow over your belt when tucked in. Your shoulders should not look disproportionate to your frame in your suit jacket or sport coat. Your pants should not be pooling around your ankles. These are simple fixes through your tailor — and every man should have a good tailor.

Ellen Lawson