Style profile Rita Katona, 34, Minneapolis

Claim to fame: Certified yoga and fitness instructor and president and co-founder of Juice So Good, a cold-pressed juice and cleanse company, cafe and Juicemobile (

Personal style: Casual chic, multifunctional.

Favorite article of clothing: I love trendy performance pieces that can double as streetwear. No one does this better than Lululemon. My favorite pieces are any of my Wunder Under tights. They work great with any style of boot and a tunic, button-down or long sweater and I’m ready to jump into a yoga class or on a treadmill, which helps me to squeeze in workouts on busy days.

Does what you wear influence your mood? Absolutely! When I left my corporate job to start Juice So Good, the first thing I did was get rid of my corporate suits and “power outfits.” Exercise is scientifically proven to improve your mood, and dressing in a way that allows me to effortlessly go from juice bar to studio to business meetings is key.

Where do you shop? I love finding unique, quality pieces at small local boutiques to supplement my extensive and ever-growing wardrobe of stylish athletic apparel. Thankfully, many of our local yoga studio partners have amazing boutiques so I can shop pre- and post- meetings at the likes of the Edina CorePower Studio and Spa, where they have an awesome selection of pieces that can do double duty for workouts and smart casual wear.

What’s your favorite New Year’s cleanse? For the new year, or any time of year, it’s important to recognize that a cleanse isn’t a diet. It is not about starvation or deprivation. I am a big fan of the Juice So Good Intermediate Cleanse. [It] packs a nutrient-rich punch with two green juices to help give your digestive system a reset and give you energy throughout the day.

Beauty secrets: I truly believe beauty comes from the inside out. Taking care of yourself by eating a healthy diet rich in plant-based nutrients does wonders for your skin, and exercising vigorously to break a sweat helps your skin rejuvenate itself. I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup — when you take care of your skin there’s no need to cover it up. As for beauty products, I always go for ones made of all-natural plant-derived ingredients, like Eminence Organics. I also love that they are made in my home country of Hungary.