Commenter Stu tracks down a former Minnesota sports figure every week for your reading pleasure. This usually works out quite well. Stu?


The Huntdown

Name: Tom Prince
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: back-up catcher for your Minnesota Twins from 2001-2003. Although he had a reputation as a light-hitting defensive specialist -- and human shield between J.C. Romero and umpires -- Prince clubbed seven home runs in 2001, which would have him batting fifth or sixth in 2012.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: the Kankakee, Ill., native was drafted by and spent the first seven seasons of his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, then spent another five years with the Los Angeles Dodgers before entering the journeyman portion of his career, with stops in Philadelphia, Minnesota and Kansas City. Tom Prince was in major league baseball for 17 [redacted] years. Tom Prince!
Where He Is Now: managing the Gulf Coast League Pirates in Bradenton, Fla. Is also the catching instructor for the Pirates’ organization. He was also the manager for the GCL Pirates when Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel arrived from India. Prince is not being played by Don Draper in the movie.
Is He On Twitter: no.
Glorious Randomness: the manager of Pittsburgh’s Class-A affiliate in West Virginia is former Twins outfielder Rick Sofield. About three of you may recall that Sofield was the Mike Tice of his day, as he was busted scalping World Series tickets outside of Baltimore’s old Memorial Stadium in 1979.