Yet another round of strong thunderstorms will rumble across the southern Plains Thursday into Friday. A warm and increasingly moist southerly flow will spread from eastern Texas into central Nebraska Wednesday and Wednesday night, setting the stage for the storms.

Low pressure, which is currently spreading heavy mountain snowfall to the Rockies, will slowly creep east and emerge in the Plains on Thursday. This system will drag much cooler, drier air to meet with very warm, moist air to its east. Thunderstorms will ignite from the southern Dakotas to the Texas coastline, with the greatest threat from southern Nebraska to central Texas.

Thunderstorms will be capable of torrential downpours, damaging winds over 60 mph, large hail and tornadoes. With high pressure to the east, combined with the very slow movement of the low pressure, move severe weather will impact the same areas on Friday, increasing the flood potential.

Story by Meteorologist Justin Povick