Got $84 for an autograph? Want to spend it on Randy Moss' signature?

The former Vikings star receiver will be signing at the FanHQ store at Ridgedale on May 23 at 5:30 p.m. A basic autograph is $84 (Moss' jersey number in Minnesota), but he'll sign jerseys, footballs and game-used items for $118.

According to the store's website, the signing is a benefit to raise money that will go toward financial aid for youngsters to attend an intensive summer football camp run by former Gophers and Vikings player Tyrone Carter.

FanHQ has become the focal point of the signing-for-a-fee business in the Twin Cities, as the Star Tribune's Mike Kaszuba wrote a few months back.

See for more details about tickets, which go on sale Friday, and the rules. Yes, there are rules about what you can bring and what you can't do during the signing. (No selfies!)

And in case you were wondering, you can buy tickets via PayPal. So it's not a Straight Cash, Homey event.

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