About 40 people from a variety of government agencies attended an Asian carp meeting Monday called by Gov. Mark Dayton to seek a broad strategy to protect Minnesota waters from the invasive fish. Among those on hand were staffers from virtually all of Minnesota's congressional delegation, several state legislators, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the National Park Service and the Army Corps of Engineers.

John Goss, the federal carp czar appointed by President Obama to lead efforts protecting the Great Lakes, told the group that Minnesota cannot tap federal funds dedicated to preventing the carp from entering the Great Lakes basin.

Dayton outlined Minnesota's plan, which includes formal recognition of the Asian Carp Task Force, a multi-agency group that has already been devising a strategy. It also urges Congress to give the Corps of Engineers emergency authority to close the St. Anthony Lock and Dam if carp are detected nearby. Dayton said he would call another carp meeting in about a month.