Nostalgia for the 1980s is part of what makes "Stranger Things," the Netflix sci-fi series that launched its much-awaited second season on Friday, so popular.

The internet is buzzing over a 1980s-era purple sweatshirt from the Science Museum of Minnesota worn by a character on the show — and the museum is already working on reintroducing the no-longer-available hoodie featuring a brontosaurus skeleton and the words "thunder lizard."

On Friday, the museum posted a picture and tweeted: "Check out what Dustin is wearing in season 2, episode 1. Yes, we want one, too. Working on it."

A second tweet urged people to sign up for the Science Museum's e-mail list so they would be first to know when the sweatshirts are available.

"Stranger Things" fans responded enthusiastically to the tweet. One said the sweatshirts were a great gift idea while another wondered if they could be shipped to the U.K.

Science Museum staff began working on a reissue of the brontosaurus sweatshirt Friday, right after learning of its appearance on the show, said spokeswoman Kim Ramsden. They aren't sure where the merchandise will be sold or exactly what items will be available but will begin answering those questions Monday morning.

"We're delighted by the attention," Ramsden said. "For those of us here in Minnesota, how cool is it to see that Minnesota connection in this national and international show?"

Season one of "Stranger Things" received 18 Emmy nominations, including for Outstanding Drama Series.

The show's first season, set in 1983, centers on an investigation into a 12-year-old boy's disappearance in fictional Hawkins, Ind. Friends of the boy, Will, embark on their own mission to find him.

Supernatural events begin happening in the town, including the appearance of a psychokinetic girl named Eleven who assists the group of middle schoolers. It turns out that Will was kidnapped and taken to an alternate dimension called "The Upside Down."

In the second season, the show's characters are trying to readjust to life after the tumultuous events that occurred the year before.

The character wearing the coveted sweatshirt is Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), a curly haired middle-schooler who speaks with a pronounced lisp.

The show stars Hollywood veterans Winona Ryder and Paul Reiser, along with many newcomers.