A few story lines you might but shouldn’t get sick of in the next two weeks, and some local angles and trends worth remembering before Super Bowl Roman Numeral Something Something:

• Yes, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the son of former Twins pitcher Pat Mahomes. If you’re tired of this story line, there is a professional tea-leaf-reading competition available to you on ESPN 90 “The Noventa.”

Pat Mahomes was a nice young man when he pitched for the Twins. He took leave from the team for Patrick’s birth. He raised his son to be not only an MVP-caliber quarterback but an astounding competitor and nice young man.

You should get sick of Odell Beckham. You should not get sick of Pat and Patrick Mahomes.

• Andy Reid is a Hall of Fame-caliber coach in search of his first Super Bowl victory. Had Donovan McNabb not taken ill, for whatever reason, in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XXXIX, he probably would have won one over the Patriots.

Instead, Reid is the Vikings of coaches, known for reaching and losing reputation-defining games. Reid also is the progeny and father of remarkable coaching trees, and has proved innovative and gutsy in drafting Mahomes and building an offense around him.




• Reid also has relied heavily on the skills of Tyreek Hill, who pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges in 2014 for choking his pregnant girlfriend and more recently was accused of hitting his 3-year-old son.

• Former Gopher and Chiefs great Bobby Bell presented the AFC championship trophy to the team at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. Chiefs linebacker Damien Wilson played at Minnesota and will be the first former Gopher in the Super Bowl since De’Vondre Campbell and Ra’Shede Hageman played for the Falcons against the Patriots.

• Passes aren’t always aggressive play calls and runs aren’t always conservative. The 49ers scored their first touchdown on a 36-yard run that came on third-and-8.

That call was an aggressive attempt to exploit a flaw in the Packers defense, not a conservative cop-out.

• Four of the past five NFC Championship Games have been blowouts.

The 49ers beat Green Bay 37-20. Three years ago, the Eagles beat the Vikings 38-7. Four years ago, the Falcons (with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan) beat the Packers 44-21. Five years ago, Carolina beat Arizona 49-15.

• The 49ers finished second in the NFL in rushing. The Vikings finished sixth. The 49ers relied on a variety of backs and a powerhouse offensive line. The Vikings relied on a star back and a patchwork offensive line.

The 49ers’ formula worked a little better in the regular season and much better in the postseason. If the Vikings had a stronger offensive line, they might not feel tempted to pay Dalvin Cook, who has yet to play a full season without missing games due to injury, like a superstar.

• The Super Bowl loss Vikings fans should most regret was the one to the Chiefs, who are returning to the Super Bowl for the first time since beating Minnesota in Super Bowl IV. The Vikings seemed to be the better team but the Chiefs won 23-7 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. Yes, Tulane Stadium. The Super Bowl has come a long way.

• The Packers have had Hall of Fame QBs taking almost all their snaps since 1992. They have won two Super Bowls in that time. Most teams would take that result, but it seems suboptimal.

• Perhaps the two most athletic tight ends in the NFL — San Francisco’s George Kittle and Kansas City’s Travis Kelce — will play in the Super Bowl, and the Patriots, without the retired Rob Gronkowski, didn’t make it out of the wild-card round. Tight end is a pivotal position in the NFL.

• The four quarterbacks who played Sunday were acquired with the 10th pick in the draft, the 24th pick, and via two trades. Apparently you don’t have to tank to find a winning quarterback.

• The 49ers made it to the Super Bowl yet still don’t know how Jimmy Garoppolo will play under pressure.