Meteorology is not an exact science — like economics, foreign policy and dating. Predicting any future state of the atmosphere depends on how well we can capture fluid dynamics within a weather model and the accuracy and frequency of data powering that model.

The pandemic has affected airlines by forcing fewer flights, and that means less upper-air data flowing into the simulations we rely on to have a prayer of getting the forecast right. Couple that with what's now predicted to be the busiest tropical storm season in recent memory and you have cause for concern. Prepare for the worst; hope for the best.

After the coolest start to August since 1993, a warmer front returns for the weekend, with a few rounds of thunderstorms. The best chance of statewide storms: Friday night and early Saturday, and again late afternoon Sunday. Highs reach the 80s with a soupy dew point topping 70. Free saunas for everyone!

Pockets of moderate drought linger from Alexandria to Duluth. Cue the storms.