Fictional characters:

Mrs. Algaard, Allen Post’s landlady
Bobby Anderson, student
Iris Arneson, student
C.P. Arndt, longtime teacher
Dr. Bossing, a professor of Allen Post’s
Leland Bowman, student
Tom Campbell, student
Laura Carlson, student
Orville Christopherson, social studies and bookkeeping teacher
Phyllis Clark, sixth grade teacher
Mr. Cook, fellow student in graduate school
Freddy Dahlquist, student
Bruce Dunne, student and football player
Bill Erickson, football player and student
Johnny Fjerstad, student
Rev. Haage, Allen Post’s childhood pastor
Carol Hazlitt, student
Henrik and Orda, woodcutter and wife
Helen Jacobson, Allen’s Minneapolis date
Edward B. Jesson, University of Minnesota play loan library
Sidney Kingston, previous English teacher
Lois Knight, student
Royal Knudson, football player and student
Jimmy Kvist, student
Gladys Laandsverk, fourth grade teacher
Sam Linder, stage hand
Pauline Lund, girls’ physical education teacher
Arnold Magnuson, superintendent
Leo March, student
Rev. Miracle Mayfield, Lutheran pastor
Dave Meyers, history teacher
John Mix, movie theater owner
Ray Nord, student
Heidi Norton, student
Augusta Olafson, student
Theresa Owens, student
Jack Palmer, principal
Rev. Hjalmer Peterson, Lutheran pastor
Patty Porter, junior English teacher (name was previously Patty Plush)
Allen Post, a new English teacher and the main character
Jerry Sadowski, math teacher
Greg Schmidt, Allen’s friend
George Schuelke, chemistry teacher
Hector and Calvin Skogland, farmers
Hannah Strom, student
Jenny Strong, student
Susie Thompson, student
Helen Vorgt, student
Jason Vorgt, town lawyer
Molly Walters, student
Evelyn Wilson, librarian
JoAnne Winner, student
Don Worthington, football and basketball coach
Mary Zane, Allen Post’s girlfriend in Minneapolis

Non-fiction historical figures

Max Winter, editor of “The Shopping News”