Here are results of the Winter Carnival snow- and ice-sculpture competitions held in St. Paul this weekend:


First place: "Rocket Man" (robot with power pack) -- $1,200 to Jon Baller, Curt Cook and Joseph Hauwille Jr.

Second place: "I'm Telling Mom" (treehouse) -- $600 to Jim Baller, Bob Baller and Judy Grufman.

Third place: "Dream Hunt" (tepee, buffalo and person) -- $300 cash prize to Jim Trost, Jared Trost and Jim Krueger.

People's choice award: "Winter Caps" -- trophy to Steve Robinson, Matt Bliss and Claire McDonough.

Artist's choice award: trophy to "Dream Hunt"

Vulcan's choice award: "Vulcanopus" (big octopus with a Vulcan face) to Dan Ratte, Jenni Ratte and Peter Jaworski.


First place: "The Pearl" (shipwreck) -- $3,000 to Chris Swarbrick and Greg Schmotzer.

Second place: "King Boreas' Three Ring Circus: -- $1,500 to Jim Nadeau, Jim Quaft, Robert Anderson and Tom Schiller.

Third place: "Where's Frank?" -- $750 to Chad Peterson, Jerry Sarff and Eric Rotter.

Fourth place: "Pixie Hollow" -- $500 to Paul Hughes, Deneena Hughes and Bruce Lundby.

Fifth place: "And We're Off" --$200 to Bob Halvorson and Zoltan Akas.

Sixth place: "Tooth Fairies" -- $150 to John Raak, Rob Graham and Terry Reis.

People's choice: "Where's Frank?" $250.


Professional division

First place: "Waiting for Lunch: -- $750 to Greg Schmotzer.

Second place: "Vision" -- $500 to Jarrett Dahl, Jordan Dahl and Ross Inselman.

Third place: "Cutting Edge" -- $250 to Chris Swarbrick.

Fourth place: "Pond Hockey" -- $150 to John Raak, Dan Iverson and Bev Iverson.

Fifth place: "Strength of Eagles" -- $50 to Ron and Karen Dillavou.

Artisan division

First place: "Ice Bites" -- $75 to Chad Peterson.

Second place: "Ice Skate" -- $50 to Joseph and Peter Christianson.

Third place: "Here No, Speak No, See No" -- $25 to Eric Rotter.

Carver's choice: "Crystal Elegance" (skaters) -- $250 to Jarrett Dahl, Jordan Dahl and Ross Inselman.