Stephen Bannon in his own words

'Anger Is a Good Thing'

Referring to Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin in a 2011 radio interview on Political Vindication Radio, he said: "These women cut to the heart of the progressive narrative. That's why there are some unintended consequences of the women's liberation movement. That, in fact, the women that would lead this country would be pro-family, they would have husbands, they would love their children. They wouldn't be a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England. That drives the left insane, and that's why they hate these women."

"I think anger is a good thing," he told a gathering of conservatives in Washington in 2013, according to a profile in the Atlantic. "This country is in a crisis. And if you're fighting to save this country, if you're fighting to take this country back, it's not going to be sunshine and patriots. It's going to be people who want to fight."

'Virulently Anti-Establishment'

"What we need to do is b---- slap the Republican Party," he said in a 2010 radio interview on Political Vindication Radio.

"We don't believe there is a functional conservative party in this country and we certainly don't think the Republican Party is that," he told the same gathering. "It's going to be an insurgent, center-right populist movement that is virulently anti-establishment, and it's going to continue to hammer this city, both the progressive left and the institutional Republican Party."

"We call ourselves 'the Fight Club,' " Bannon told the Washington Post earlier this year. "We think of ourselves as virulently anti-establishment, particularly 'anti-' the permanent political class. We say Paul Ryan was grown in a petri dish at the Heritage Foundation."

At the Helm of Breitbart News

A sampling of some articles published during Bannon's tenure that drew criticism:

"Roger Stone: Huma Abedin 'Most Likely a Saudi Spy' With 'Deep, Inarguable Connections' to 'Global Terrorist Entity' ": A June 2016 article by Dan Riehl.

"Lesbian Bridezillas Bully Bridal Shop Owner Over Religious Beliefs": An August 2014 article by Susan Berry.

"There's No Hiring Bias Against Women in Tech, They Just Suck at Interviews": A July 2016 article by Milo Yiannopoulos that argued that it was women's fault that tech firms hired so few of them.

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