The Drive is happy to report that the driver of this car walked away with only minor injuries, but the damage serves as a reminder to all motorists to clear their vehicles of all ice and snow before hitting the road.

A sheet of ice came loose from a semitrailer truck on Hwy. 36 at Snelling Avenue in Roseville and as you can tell from the photo crashed right through the windshield of a motorist's car.

Authorities were unable to find the semitrailer truck that lost the ice.

The State Patrol reminds motorists that it against the law to drive any vehicle with material that could potentially break loose and create a hazard. Additionally the patrol is reminding motorists to remove any snow or ice before traveling.

"We also remind drivers to stay back from large vehicles and remain alert, especially in winter and spring where we see freezing and melting temperatures," the patrol wrote on its Facebook page.

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