Yeast breads, plain dough

White: Lois Thielen, Grey Eagle

Herb: Anne Miller, Woodbury

Whole wheat: James Lind, Minnetonka

Raisin: Bill Heffron, Bloomington

Whole grain: Chris Pennington, St. Paul

Rye: John Perhay, Savage

Not otherwise specified: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Dinner rolls: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Dinner rolls, whole grain: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Sweepstakes, yeast breads, plain dough: Chris Pennington, St. Paul

Red Star Yeast Gift: Lois Thielen, Grey Eagle

Red Star Yeast Gift: Chris Pennington, St. Paul

Yeast breads, sweet dough

Coffee cake: April Weinreich, Wahkon

Sweet rolls, plain: Judy Olson, Braham

Sweet rolls, with fruit or nuts, unfrosted: Sue Smart, Rosemount

Coffee ring: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Sweet bread, not otherwise specified: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Sweepstakes, yeast breads, sweet dough: April Weinreich, Wahkon

Red Star Yeast Gift: April Weinreich, Wahkon

American Swedish Institute: April Weinreich, Wahkon

Quick breads

Banana bread, may use nuts: Terren Martin, Minneapolis

Other fruit bread, may use nuts: Gloria Rice, Plymouth

Low-fat banana bread: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Nut bread, no fruit or chips: Melissa Findlay-Lampkin, Thief River Falls

Coffee cake: Bridget Merdan, Greenfield

Vegetable bread: Linda Lamosse, Blaine

Muffins, with fruit: Michelle Smith, St. Michael

Muffins, poppy seed: April Weinreich, Wahkon

Muffins, oatmeal: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Muffins, with vegetable: Lori Pringle, Hugo

Bundt-type coffee cake: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Scones: Kathleen Lockwood, Plymouth

Sweepstakes, quick breads: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Egg cakes

Angel food, white: Heather Zarrett, Champlin

Chiffon: Ruth Glende, St. Paul

Chocolate chiffon: Nancy Dosen, Minneapolis

Sponge: Rhonda Olson, Mora

Sweepstakes, egg cakes: Ruth Glende, St. Paul

Cakes with fat or cooking oil

White (with egg whites): Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Spice: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Chocolate: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

German chocolate: Dawn Lance, Burnsville

pound: Marge Coffey, St. Paul

Light bundt: Melissa Findlay-Lampkin, Thief River Falls

Dark bundt: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Vegetable or fruit: Krista Sullivan, Minneapolis

Not otherwise specified: Rachel Hannegan, Shoreview

Sweepstakes, cakes with shortening: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Grand Cake Sweepstakes (Best Cake of Fair): Ruth Glende, St. Paul

Les Dames d'Escoffier International: Ruth Glende, St. Paul


Bar, plain, frosted: Kris Tracy, Lake Elmo

Bar, layered: Kelly Reiland, Lakeville

Bar, with nuts, fruit and/or chips: Debbi Holten, Cambridge

Light, rolled flat, no frosting: Lory Perryman, St. Paul

Dark, rolled flat, no frosting: Barb Timm, Lakeville

Ice box: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Ball, not flattened before baking: Brian Atkin, Edina

Light, drop: Kris Tracy, Lake Elmo

Chocolate drop: Tina Rexing, Inver Grove Heights

Peanut butter: Elise Melancon, White Bear Lake

Filled: Grace Lasky, Lino Lakes

Light ball type, flattened before baking: Kathy Herman, Minneapolis

Dark ball type, flattened before baking: Kathy St. Martin, Lino Lakes

Oatmeal, no fruit, nuts, chips or icing: Kendra Nielsen, Oakdale

Brownies, plain, no frosting: Ingrid Radio, Shoreview

Chocolate brownies with nuts and/or frosting: Mindy Flack, Hugo

Sweepstakes, cookies and bars: Kathy Herman, Minneapolis

Linda J. Amendt Award (sweepstakes winner): Kathy Herman, Minneapolis


Apple: Carol Marsh, Duluth

One-crust brownie pie: Lola Nebel, Cambridge

Creative apple: Natalie Tangen, New Brighton

Sweepstakes, pies: Carol Marsh, Duluth

American Pie Council (sweepstakes winner): Carol Marsh, Duluth

Peterson Memorial Award: Carol Marsh, Duluth; Lola Nebel, Cambridge; Natalie Tangen, New Brighton

Braham Pie Day (sweepstakes winner): Carol Marsh, Duluth

"Circle the Fair": Andrea Meister, St. Paul


Cookies: Jeanne Estrem, Nerstrand

Bread: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Crisp bread or crackers: Elsie Olsen, Eagan

Cake: Brenda Lewis, Fridley

Not otherwise specified: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Sweepstakes, ethnic baking: Brenda Lewis, Fridley

Catherine Hanley Ethnic Baking Sweepstakes Award: Brenda Lewis, Fridley


C & H Sugar Special Award: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Gluten-Free Baking, quick bread, loaf/muffins: Allison Holbrook, Woodbury

Gluten-Free Baking, crackers, pretzels or snacks: Kim Christensen, Minneapolis

Gluten-Free Baking, cookies or bars: Sara Thrasher, Arden Hills

Gluten-Free Baking, cake: Mary Hauge, Minnetonka

Gluten-Free Baking, yeast bread: Linda Haskins, Circle Pines

Northland Celiac Support Group: Allison Holbrook, Woodbury; Sara Thrasher, Arden Hills; Mary Hauge, Minnetonka; Linda Haskins, Circle Pines; Kim Christensen, Minneapolis.

C & H Sugar Cake Decorating Contest: Colleen Herr, St. Paul Park

King Arthur Flour Great Cake Contest: Katrina Knott, St. Paul

Vegan Main Dish Competition: Jennifer Soltis, Minneapolis

Florence I. Brammer cookbook: Jennifer Soltis, Minneapolis

Greater Midwest Foodways Family Heirloom Recipes: Vasanthi Iyer, Brooklyn Park

Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust: Kathryn Irvin, Maplewood

Fleischmann's Yeast Sensational Sandwich Bread: Patrice Johnson, Roseville

Ghirardelli Chocolate Championship: Lisa Silmser, Champlin



Linda J. Amendt Award: Gary Johnson, Columbia Heights

Ball "Bring Out Your Best" Adult Food Preservation: Jean Peno, Rush City; Barb Schaller, Burnsville; Shirley Petersen, Minneapolis; Gary Johnson, Columbia Heights

C&H Sugar Special Award: Jean Peno, Rush City


Apple sauce: Jean Peno, Rush City

Fruit, unsweetened: Jean Peno, Rush City

Not otherwise specified: Adam Sery, Minneapolis

Youth entry, ages 14-17: Henry Teaver, Eden Prairie


Apple: Alya Shafik, Forest Lake

Blackberry: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Chokecherry: Patti Heller, Maplewood

Crab apple: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Currant: Barb Bartholomew, Lino Lakes

Grape: Barb Bartholomew, Lino Lakes

Herb, other than mint: Shelly Johnson, Minnetonka

Mint: Shelly Johnson, Minnetonka

Pepper: Adam Sery, Minneapolis

Plum: Nancy Breeding, Champlin

Red raspberry: Carl Hornfeldt, Woodbury

Strawberry: Barb Bartholomew, Lino Lakes

Wild fruit: Jean Peno, Rush City

Fresh fruit combination: Rachel Yahnke, Bloomington

Not otherwise specified: Jean Peno, Rush City

Youth entry, age 14-17: Erin Born, Byron


Apricot: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Black raspberry: Michelle Jost, St. Paul

Blackberry: Nancy Breeding, Champlin

Blueberry: Mary Gorham, Minnetonka

Cherry: Mary Gorham, Minnetonka

Orange marmalade: Gary Johnson, Columbia Heights

Nectarine: Gary Johnson, Columbia Heights

Peach: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Pear: Kathy Nordgaard, Prior Lake

Plum: Thomas Olson, Mora

Red raspberry: Sharon Zagaros, Oakdale

Rhubarb: Mary Gorham, Minnetonka

Strawberry: Kirsten Zerhusen, Minnetonka

Wild fruits: Rachel Yahnke, Bloomington

Rhubarb, with other fruit: Joan Johnson, St. Paul

Not otherwise specified: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Youth entry, ages 14-17: Nichole Meyer, North Branch


Apple: Shelly Johnson, Minnetonka

Not otherwise specified: Susan McPherson, Minneapolis


Beet: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Bean: Rhonda Olson, Mora

Bread and butter, sweet: Beverly Stroschein, St. Paul

Cucumber, sweet: Gwendolyn Swenson, North Branch

Dill, no garlic, vegetable or spice: Shirley Petersen, Minneapolis

Dill, garlic but no other vegetable: Mike and Kathy Lee, Mounds View

Dill, with other vegetable: Alicia Swenson, Hastings

Peppers, sweet: Shelly Johnson, Minnetonka

Peppers, hot: Michelle Roberts, Cottage Grove

Watermelon rind, sweet: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Not otherwise specified: Christine Robertson, Champlin

Youth entry, ages 14-17: Chris Petschen, Mendota Heights

Display of herbed vinegars: John Petroff, Bloomington

Gedney Best Dill Cucumber Pickle, Balsamic Vinegar: Mary Woell, Minneapolis

Gedney Best Hot and Savory Dill Cucumber Pickle: Therese Weierke, Champlin

Gedney Best Dill Cucumber Pickle, Worldly Flavors: Meg Nordlie, Bloomington

Gedney Best "No Sugar" Sweet Pickle: Peter Church, Minneapolis

Gedney Best "Original Flavor" Pickle: Craig Regner, Bloomington


Picante or salsa, mild: Carolyn Kraft, Wyoming

Picante or salsa, hot: Jenni Muehlbauer, Cedar

Chutney, fruit: Michelle Jost, St. Paul

Chile sauce: Rhonda Olson, Mora

Barbecue sauce: Tim Verschaetse, Faribault

Corn relish: Therese Weierke, Champlin

Pepper relish: Mary Woell, Minneapolis

Cucumber relish: Michelle Roberts, Cottage Grove

Zucchini relish: Susan Wilder, Blaine

Not otherwise specified: Christina Rice, Prior Lake

Low-Acid Vegetables

Beans, green string: Linda Lamosse, Blaine

Not otherwise specified: Daniel Kurtz, Elk River


Tomatoes: Barbara Dunn, Woodbury

Tomatoes with onions, green peppers and celery: Barb Schaller, Burnsville

Tomato juice: Barb Schaller, Burnsville


Fruit: Mark Newton, Lino Lakes

Vegetable: Leon Doherty, Burnsville


Light amber: Herb Wills, Lutsen

Medium amber: Herb Wills, Lutsen

Dark amber: Brian Connolly, Stacy

Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Award: Brian Connolly, Stacy


White bread: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Whole wheat bread, 75 percent whole wheat: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Whole wheat bread, less than 75 percent whole wheat: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Bread machine bread, white or wheat: Kim Sackett-Rowekam, Roseville

Cinnamon raisin bread: Marjorie Johnson, Robbinsdale

Challah: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Rye, free-form, round or oval: James Lind, Minnetonka

Multi-grain loaf: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Whole wheat dinner rolls: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Dinner rolls: Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Sweet rolls: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Cornmeal muffins: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Poppyseed muffins: Sonja Wieber, Plymouth

Pumpkin bread: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Scones: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Banana bread: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Apple cake: Shannon Gardner, St. Paul

Spice cake, bundt pan: Nancy Lloyd, Elk River

Chiffon or sponge cake: Rhonda Olson, Mora

Baked cheesecake: Misty Poeschl, St. Paul

Oatmeal cookies: Gail Geldert, Cologne

Fruit bars: Jane Bolenbaugh, Forest Lake

Honeydoodles: Gwendolyn Swenson, North Branch

Apple pie: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Double-crust fruit pie (berry, peach or rhubarb): Fay Peterson, Apple Valley

Pecan pie: Shannon Gardner, St. Paul

Baklava: Mary Zastrow, St. Paul

Snack mix: Rita Saumweber, St. Paul

Energy or granola bar: Julie Roseth, Elk River

Honey caramel popcorn: Patti Doyle, Minneapolis

Honey baked nuts: Jessica Mehle, West St. Paul

Honey granola: Christina Rice, Prior Lake

Sport or energy drink: Lisa Luciano, Lester Prairie

Flavored honey butter: Deanna Vilendrer, Inver Grove Heights

Fruit and honey spread or purée: Donna Powers, Maple Grove

Fruit preserve or jam, processed: Brian Bade, Wayzata

Peaches, plain or spiced: Bettie Seitzer, St. Paul

Any pickled vegetable or relish: Krista Paterson, Minneapolis

Chutney: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Any other canned fruit: Bettie Seitzer, St. Paul

Fruit salad dressing: Nancy Burgeson, Bloomington

Fruit or vegetable dip: Donna Powers, Maple Grove

Russian or French-style dressing: Julie Roseth, Elk River

Tomato salsa, canned: Brian Bade, Wayzata

Fruit or veggie salsa: Donna Powers, Maple Grove

Vinaigrette: Mary Gorham, Minnetonka

Barbecue sauce, from scratch: Ronald Vickery, Eden Prairie

Barbecue sauce, based on prepared products: Donna Powers, Maple Grove

Mustard sauce: Lisa Stordahl, Brooklyn Park

Sweepstakes, Honey Food Products: Donna Powers, Maple Grove