Below is a response to one comment about one of my articles. But, I thought I should use it as a BLog post,so everyone read it -and hopeflly follow and on Facebook. Oh by the way, if you have not yet logged on to Facebook, and joined and "liked' my "Protect Minnesota's Research Bears" campaign, and my "Citizens for Legislative Action on Conservation" (CLAC) pages,please do so now.

They are where you  will find all of the news and information about what is going on with both organizatioins - which I hope will bring anti-hunters, non-hunters and hunters together -  to protect, conserve and preserve our wild places, and wildlife, before it is too late. If we do not become more conservation conscious now, our children may not be able to enjoy the beauty of nature that we currently enjoy.

So, please join those pges, and think of ways we can become more active on conservation. 


Lets start the "Protect Minnesota's Research Bears" campaign - with Hope

As I've written on Facebook - now, when so many people are incensed about the senseless  killing of Hope, is a great time to e-mail or call your local representative or senator, and give them a piece of your mind. and ask them to please pass a bill to Protect Minnesota's Research Bears. And call them at home.

Then call Commissioner Landwehr's office and Governor Dayton's office, and do the same thing. Then write out why you think these bears should be protected, and e-mail your comments to me at, so I can add them to the over 700 comments I already have, which I plan to present to the Legislature, Commissioner Landwehr and the Governor, once the legislature is back in session next year. You should keep a copy of your comments, so that you can re-send it to your legislators etc. when we kick the "Protect Minnestas' Research Bears" campaign into high gear next year, in an effort to see that something like this never happens again. And so that Hope, the bear so many people loved, did not die in vain.

Was this all pre-ordained? Possibly.

God bless,


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