Come Monday, May the Fourth be with you.

(Do we really need to add: “Get it?”)

May 4 is Star Wars Day, an utterly fan-driven celebration of George Lucas’ movie saga that began a long time ago in a galaxy near and dear to us.

The first organized celebration took place in Toronto in 2011, a whopping 34 years since the first “Star Wars” movie debuted in 1977. No reason why it took so long (although we suspect a bar tab was involved).

In any case, the day caught on, likely propelled by the catchy tagline. This year’s observance, however, literally carries extra weight, with the release of “Ultimate Star Wars” (DK, $40), a four-pound, 300-plus-page compendium of all things Star Wars.

Take Chief Chirpa, seen in Episode VI as the leader of the Council of Elders for the Bright Tree Village Tribe on the forest moon of Endor. Who knew the name of the village? (Well, OK, who else?)

Fans can bring their enthusiasm — and their costumes — to Wild Rumpus Bookstore, 2720 W. 43rd St. in Minneapolis, on May 4, when one of the book’s co-authors will be on hand.

Daniel Wallace, who describes himself as a “comic book expert, sci-fi sage and lifelong geek,” will appear at 6 p.m. There also will be treats, trivia and prizes for anyone who arrives in costume. For more info, visit www.wild

Or, if you favor the Dark Side, consider making a big deal of the following day, May 5, which other lifelong geeks call Revenge of the Fifth.

(Do we really need to add: “Get it?”) □