Preps Writer David La Vaque

La Vaque asked readers and his Twitter followers: If you could, how would you change the format of your favorite MSHSL state tournament(s)? Some answers, sport by sport:


• Bring Back the Sweet 16 tournament for basketball or a 64 team tournament. Maybe even keep format but have the top 4 in all classes who win state play in a four-team tournament to determine best in state overall. — Trent Witz, @CoachTrentWitz

• Switch the basketball tournaments to an NCAA-style 1-64 format by class. The current format sticks out like a sore thumb when a section final you call produces an 83-37 result, and everyone expected as much going in. — Mike Peden, @TheMikePeden


• Seed the state football playoffs. No. 1 to No. 8. Neutral sites as equidistant as possible for both schools. If you wanna get crazy, then 1-16 after the section semifinals. — Adam Rossow, @AdamJRossow

• How about eliminating EVERY team making the football playoffs? You should earn a playoff spot. — Michael Boland, @casperdog99


• The best amateur golf is match play. It should be a must at the State Tourney! Day 1: Quarterfinals & semifinals 18-hole match. All teams play 36 holes. Day 2: Championships, 3rd place, etc., 18-hole matches. Days 3 & 4: individual tourney, 18 holes a day. — Phill Drobnick, @CoachPhill


• No private schools in Class A hockey tournament. Also ... at the A level, get rid of the current section process in hockey. Have a "North" and "South" section, rank the remaining 48 teams 1-48 and place in predetermined "sections" at 6 rinks around the metro. — Tom Hoen, @thoen88

You mean it doesn't make sense for Section 6 to have five teams better than the best team in Section 1? — Chris Slater (@cslater22) seconding Hoen's format


• Track and Field to be more like wrestling: a true team event for the team championships and separate individual champions. — Ryan Gau @GoPher4Ever


• For wrestling, we need double elimination for the individual tournament!! Also, a two-day team tournament so team finals can be Friday night and individual finals on Saturday night! — Adam Thronson, @thronson29


• All sports play at professional venues or all at colleges. If some sports have to play at third-tier venues, where's the equality or respect? — Rosemount lacrosse @RHS_IrishLax