The following list includes frequently asked questions about Star Tribune's eEdition, the digital replica of the Star Tribune newspaper.


Q: How can I access the eEdition?

A: On a desktop or tablet device, click/tap the "eEdition" link on the upper right-hand corner of

On a mobile device, tap the top left menu icon (three horizantal lines), scroll to the bottom and click the"eEdition" link.

In your web browser address bar, enter the direct URL

Subscribe to the daily eEdition email to be notified every morning when it’s available with a link to access it. Go to Member Center to subscribe, click "Email preferences" and select "eEdition” under Star Tribune Products.

Q: How can I quickly access different Star Tribune sections within the eEdition?

A: Click/tap on the ‘Pages’ tab at the bottom of your screen to quickly access any page in the newspaper (available in Replica view only). You can also access the Table of Contents by clicking on "TOC" in the upper left-hand corner of the menu to quickly select a section and headline.

Q: Why am I not receiving the eEdition Daily Newsletter, when the Member Center shows that I'm a subscriber?

A: Go to Member Center to confirm you are subscribed to the newsletter. Click “Email preferences” and under “Star Tribune Products” confirm you have selected “on” to receive the email.

If you're subscribed and not receiving the daily email, contact digital support at or 612-673-7040.

Q: How can I access different Star Tribune sections within the eEdition?

A:  Click/tap“TOC” in the upper left corner of the menu to select a section from the table of contents.

Q: How can I quickly access different pages within the eEdition?

A:  At the bottom of the eEdition, click/tap the "Pages" button to quickly access any page.

Q: How can I  access past issues?

A:  Click/tap "Dates" in the upper left corner to access the past 30 days of the eEdition.

If you have additional eEdition questions or feedback, contact (612) 673-7040 or