Opening: Leah Cooper directs this production by 20% Theatre Company. The play by Lucy Thurber focuses on a young college woman (Lindsay Marcy) who returns to her small-town home. She finds herself alienated from her old crowd of hard-partying friends and gets caught in a lust entanglement with her cousin and his girlfriend (Becka Linder, Anthony Neuman). 20% Theatre has done well with this sort of gritty, intense drama. Headed by Claire Avitabile, the company has a fearless appetite for subjects that make us squeamish. (7:30 p.m. Sat.-Mon., Thu., ends April 21, Nimbus Theatre, 1517 Central Av. NE., Mpls., $10-$20, pay what you can Mon., 612-227-1188, www.tctwentypercent.org.)



Two nights: Megan Wells, a writer and storyteller from Chicago, has adapted the classic story. She focuses on Mina Harker, most usually portrayed as a helpless blood donor for the Count. Wells depicts Mina as courageous and forgiving. "She understands we are, each of us, one bite away from the vampire hunger," Wells says. The solo show is produced by Dean J. Seal's "Spirit in the House." (7:30 p.m. Fri.-Sat., Black Forest Inn, 26th and Nicollet Av. S., Mpls., $15, www.ticketworks.com.)