Maria Bamford

No one does comedy quite like Duluth native Maria Bamford. Though her sidesplitting jokes are often from the perspective of an outcast, her bits aren’t exactly self-deprecating. Instead, they’re earnest and surreal, effective in their striking candidness and sympathetic fragility. The best part: It’s all riotously funny. In her unique act — composed of offbeat and charmingly bizarre vignettes — Bamford, 44, hysterically illustrates her experiences with mental illness, dating and other trivialities of everyday life in a way that is both madly hilarious and essentially comforting. The experienced stand-up comedian, chronic guest star and voice actress last visited Minneapolis in 2013, shortly after the release of her latest comedy album, “Ask Me About My New God!” (8 p.m. Thu. Sold out. Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, 410 Oak Grove St., Mpls. 612-813-5300 or Alex Nelson



‘My Brother, My Brother and Me’

They’ve been called the Baldwins of West Virginia by some guy on the Internet. In 2010, brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy launched a podcast as an excuse for family time after two of them moved away. The sons of a radio host found fast success with their jokey “advicecast,” in which they respond to listener and Yahoo Answers queries like droll Dear Abbys. The format serves as a launchpad for musings on “nerdgasms,” Japanese courtesy sandals and McDonaldland characters. In addition to tonight’s live recording of “MBMBaM,” Justin and wife Sydnee McElroy will record their “Sawbones” podcast. (8 p.m. Fri. Sold out. Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Av. S., Mpls. 612-338-2674 or Michael Rietmulder