The St. Paul School District and Superintendent Valeria Silva have negotiated a new three-year contract that is set for a school board vote Tuesday.

In December, the board signaled its intent to renew Silva's contract when it gave her a "satisfactory" rating for 2014 — a review that followed a year she acknowledged had been a difficult one.

The renewal comes at a time of unusually spirited activity on the school board election front — with a large slate of challengers running under a "Caucus for Change" banner.

Board Chairwoman Mary Doran, who is up for re-election, represented the board in negotiations with Silva.

The renewal was listed on the board agenda released Thursday, but the contract itself will not be made public until next week. Doran said Thursday that she and her colleagues were advised by Nancy Cameron, the district's general counsel, not to discuss the contract or its terms until it is voted on. Doran added that she did not poll colleagues because that would be a violation of the state's open-meeting law.

Although details of the agreement are being withheld, Doran said she wanted it listed on the agenda to give "anyone who wants to speak" about it a chance to address it at the board meeting. The board has a public comment period on its agenda that begins at 5:30 p.m.

Three years ago, when Silva's current three-year deal was approved, the vote occurred unexpectedly. Doran recently said that approach was a "mistake" that would not happen again.

Silva's current contract, which is paying her $204,833 this year, expires Dec. 15. She also receives an additional $11,000 per year in longevity pay in recognition of her 25-plus years as a district employee.