A St. Paul man was charged Friday with repeatedly striking one police officer on the head several times with a key, then spitting at others.

Coni L. Shegog, 28, was charged in Ramsey County District Court with one count of fourth-degree assault demonstrable bodily harm and five counts of fourth-degree assault throwing bodily fluids onto an officer.

Authorities allege that Shegog struck St. Paul officer Dominic Dzik on top of the head eight times with a key after the officer responded to a call in the 300 block of Cook Avenue E. involving Shegog’s girlfriend and another woman.

Dzik was treated and released from Regions Hospital, and required a staple to close a wound on his head.

The charges against Shegog allege that he struck Dzik after the officer sprayed him with mace and grabbed his waist in an attempt to take Shegog to the ground.

“ ‘I messed his [expletive] face up, didn’t I?’ ” Shegog said to an officer at the scene, according to the charges said. “ ‘Yeah, that’s all that matters. I [expletive] him up. Straight up … He ain’t gonna try that [expletive] no more next time. I guarantee that one.’ ”

According to the complaint: Dzik was taking a report from a woman at the scene about Shegog’s girlfriend, who had allegedly violated a harassment restraining order involving the first woman. Shegog and the girlfriend arrived at the scene in a car. Dzik parked behind them.

Dzik was talking to the girlfriend when Shegog began yelling at him from the driver’s seat. The officer went over to the driver’s side. Shegog got out of the vehicle and screamed at the officer.

Dzik put his hand on Shegog’s chest to stop him from getting closer, and Shegog slapped it away. Shegog resisted arrest, and Dzik sprayed him with mace and grabbed his waist.

Shegog allegedly attacked Dzik. Backup officers arrived and arrested Shegog, who volunteered that he had a knife. Officers recovered a switchblade from his jacket.

Sheogg later spat on five officers who were trying to put him into a squad. He declined an interview.

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