The Rev. Spenser Simrill has launched a pledge drive, but this one won't cost you any money. It might even save us all some.

As part of his commitment to Earth Day, the dean of St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral is spending the next month handing out pledge cards on which signers promise: "I will join my faith community in taking three steps to promote positive social, environmental and economic change."

You're asked to list the three things you promise to do. For those who can't come up with ideas on their own, Simrill has a single-spaced, two-sided "cheat sheet" of suggestions. They include carpooling, walking, biking or riding the bus at least once a month. Carrying reusable shopping bags so you don't need the stores' plastic or paper bags. And buying "sweat-free products."

The pledge cards are available in the information racks at the cathedral. Or you can download one at Scroll down to "News & Events" and click on the link to "Responsible Living Pledge." The list of suggestions is under "Responsible Living Information Sheet."

Once you've filled out a card, Simrill wants you to send it to St. Mark's. Don't make him contact you six months from now to scold you for being behind on your pledge.