St. Cloud Tech defeated Austin on Wednesday on penalty kicks after the shootout was delayed over a ruling question involving an Austin goal that was disallowed.

In the shootout, Austin's Julio Hernandez Espindola scored on his team's first try. A discussion ensued, however, and the goal was waved off because of an apparent stutter-step he performed before kicking the ball.

Three rounds were completed, with St. Cloud Tech leading 2-1, before more discussion that led to Hernandez-Espindola shooting again. He made the kick, tying the shootout 2-2.

"They made the right call," St. Cloud Tech coach Nantha Viswanathan said.

Both teams converted their next chance. In the fifth round, a Packers attempt hit the goalpost, setting the stage for Khadar Korane, who converted his shot to advance the Tigers to the Class 1A semifinals.

"We have seen him take PKs all the time," Viswanathan said. "He's 100 percent."

St. Cloud Tech led 1-0 at halftime after Ethan Miller scored in the 27th minute. Austin's Henry Tolbert, a speedy midfielder, tied the score in the 54th minute. He took a heel pass from a teammate, driving about 15 yards up the field and blasting a 29-yard shot into the upper right corner of the goal.

"The stuff he can do is pretty insane," St. Cloud Tech captain Joe Pearson said.

Both teams generated quality scoring chances throughout regulation. Hernandez Espindola kicked the ball over an open net in the 20th minute, after a deflected Tolbert shot spilled into the goalie box.

St. Cloud had a shot hit off the post, a goal waved off because of an offsides call and two shots on goal in overtime.

"Normally we finish those, but you got to hand it to them," Pearson said. "They're an awesome team."

Austin coach Jens Levisen said he's glad Tolbert is only a junior. "He's been a great player for us for three years," he said.


Orono 4, Mankato West 1: After Orono senior defender Nick Byrnes scored his second goal of the game, he ran out toward midfield and celebrated by falling sideways toward the turf.

"I call that the flop," said Byrnes, who added it's from a soccer video game he plays. "One of the celebrations is where you jump in the air like a fish, and I've kind of done that all season. People know me for that."

His two goals helped No. 3-seeded Orono to victory in a Class 1A boys' soccer quarterfinal Wednesday at Farmington High School. His first goal came on a free-kick play in the 20th minute of the game before he made it 2-0 early in the second half.

"He's just so good at reading the field and being a leader on the field that he's the anchor of our defense," Orono coach Derek Engler said. "When he needs to be, he's our goal scorer."

Reece Clifford and Ben Halloff added second-half goals for Orono (17-2-2) as well.

Tyler Makela made it a 3-1 game for Mankato West (15-3-2) with 5:46 left.