Just posted on YouTube - be the first on your block to comment! Bonus points if it gets into an angry argument within six comments over Trump AND bicycles not stopping at red lights. It’s Sprite’s attempt to capitalize on the sudden national craze for interminable abstract animation intended to represent the passage to the other side of the cosmos where you grow old in a bright room and die, then reappear as an enormous baby floating over the earth.

I mean, people who hadn’t seen “2001” would have no context for this at all.

NO! Mavis Beacon wasn’t real, and the person on the picture probably wasn’t doing a lot of typing:

Abrams described Renee L'Esperance as a "stunning Haitian woman," with "three-inch fingernails." Crane instantly wanted to put her face on the box for his typing software. They got to talking, and despite the concerns Abrams voiced ("She's never been near a keyboard!"), they soon made a deal.

The whole story is here on Vice.

ROME The House of Augustus has been restored:

Last year Rome celebrated the 2000th anniversary of Emperor Augustus’ death. To commemorate the date, a series of special events and openings were launched in the Italian capital, including the opening of new parts of the ‘House of Augustus’ and ‘House of Livia’ on the Palatine Hill. After years of restoration works, new lavishly frescoed rooms are now on show for the first time.

Lots of Second Pompeian style, which is the trompe l'oeil style with skinny architectural details. Also faces and masks The Romans were peculiar people.