Over the past three years, Graham Trocke-Fowler, a fifth grade student in Blaine, has made over 34,000 rubber band bracelets to raise $50,000 for childhood cancer research.

And this week, President Obama recognized Trocke-Fowler's work, inviting him to the White House Easter egg roll on April 6.

Trocke-Fowler ended up on the president's radar after his older brother wrote a letter pleading for more cancer research dollars. He described Graham - who had a rare form of melanoma but is now cancer free after 14 surgeries and other treatments - as his hero.

Trocke-Fowler received the letter from the president this week, commending him for his work to support childhood cancer research.

In addition to the invitation to the White House, Trocke-Fowler also got several signed photographs of the Obama family.