Hangout: The "On Deck Circle," their home's lower level, where family and friends gather to watch games. It's filled floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall with Twins memorabilia, including more than 120 bobbleheads and unique handcrafted Twins gifts.

Fan profile: "I grew up in a big baseball family," said Scott. His parents' first date was a Twins game at the old Met Stadium. During his childhood, the late Herb Carneal (the "voice of the Twins" on radio) "was like a family member -- he was constantly heard at family gatherings." When Scott met Jackie in 2004, she had never even been to the Metrodome. "Now she's a diehard fan -- although not as hard as me," he said. Their relationship wouldn't have worked if she hadn't liked the Twins, Jackie said. "Luckily, I did." (The team's theme song, "We're Gonna Win, Twins," was played at their wedding reception.)

Fun fact: When Scott is a "good hubby" (does special chores), Jackie rewards him by putting a new bobblehead under his pillow.

Prized possessions: A Twins-logo Tiffany lamp that Jackie bought Scott for his birthday, and a one-of-a-kind Cristian Guzman prototype bobblehead.

Favorite Twins: Doug Mientkiewicz, Kent Hrbek and Justin Morneau. "I'm partial to first basemen," said Scott (although as a youth, he played shortstop). When Mientkiewicz was traded, shortly after Jackie and Scott started dating, his reaction was her first clue that her new boyfriend was no ordinary baseball fan. "It was like his Dad had died. I thought, 'This guy really loves the Twins.' "

Brush with fame: You may have seen the Lewandowskis briefly on TV, holding their homemade signs: "Circle Us Bert" and "Qwest Twins Live Next on FSN," the latter created solely for getting TV exposure. "I sold my soul," Scott laughed. They've also appeared on the Jumbotron, dancing to "Sweet Caroline," but they're still trying to get on the Kiss Cam.

What's next? The couple is expecting a little baseball fan in November. And, no, they're not having twins. But Scott does have his eye on a Twins crib.


Hangout: The TV room of her home, where one wall and a glass-topped display table showcase her collection of autographed photos, posters, Homer Hankies and magazine covers. She and her husband, Dale, moved into their home three years ago, and the TV room was one of the last decorated. "I said, 'Honey, I need it to be a Twins wall.' "

Style statement: Cindy considers herself a "walking Twins shrine." She sports Twins shoes, clothing, jewelry, keychain, cell-phone cover and a Twins-blue car with team decals. An accomplished beader and president of the Upper Midwest Bead Society, she's also created some Twins-themed beadwork, including her home-plate necklace that she wears to TwinsFest.

Fan profile: Cindy has fond childhood memories of going to Twins games with her grandfather and later celebrating downtown after the team's 1987 World Series victory. Then her fandom "went dormant. I wasn't too thrilled with the Dome," she said. But the prospect of outdoor baseball at a new stadium reawakened her interest. Now she rarely misses a game, and goes to all three days of TwinsFest. "I map it all out: First day is autographs, second is pictures, third is vendors," she said. "I love the Twins, how accessible they are to their fans and how involved in the community they are."

Prized possession: A framed print of a glove, ball and Twins cap, autographed by dozens of players. "I've met everybody who signed it," she said.

Fun fact: Cindy works on Killebrew Drive in Bloomington, and her office also sports Twins decor, including a 6-foot Jason Bartlett "Got Milk" poster, and a whiteboard where she posts the team's wins and losses.

Not-so-fun fact: During her childhood playing days, Cindy suffered a sports injury that landed her on the disabled list. "I broke my nose trying to catch a ball with my face," she said.

Favorite Twin: "Right now, it's Joe Mauer. I love having our hometown boys playing for the big leagues in the town they grew up in."

Brush with fame: Cindy and Dale made a Jumbotron appearance singing Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer." And Dale once rubbed elbows with Wally the Beerman -- and has the photo to prove it. "It was one of those really hot days," Dale recalled. "I don't know if I was more excited that he had beer or that it was Wally."


Hangout: The lower-level media room and hallway of his home, which is decorated with posters, pennants, bobbleheads and his collection of game-used bats and uniforms. "I started with a spot on the wall and have slowly eaten up the entire room," he said.

Fan profile: "I've been a fan since I was a kid," Dunford said. "My dad took me to games in the early '70s, and one of the best things was to sit behind the dugout. I'm a fan rain or shine, good years or bad. I like it almost as well when they're having losing seasons, because then you can walk right in and get seats."

Fun fact: Dunford's wife started his collection when she gave him an autographed Homer Hanky as a Christmas gift after the 1987 World Series. "A friend was in the same bowling league as Kent Hrbek, so it was easy to get the autographs," Dunford said. "After that, I started collecting pictures, baseballs, then game-used equipment. I try to find fun, unique things," such as his "Killebrew for Governor" bumper sticker from the 1965 pennant drive.

Prized possession: The dugout lineup from the Twins' second playoff against the Tigers in 1987, which is framed with Dunford's ticket from that game. "It holds a special place in my heart," he said.

Favorite Twins: Dunford's all-time favorite player is Harmon Killebrew, whom he met when he got his autograph. "He's such a nice guy, and certainly an impressive player." Current favorite is Justin Morneau. "It must be something about power-hitting first basemen," Dunford said. (As a kid, he played left field.) "I'm looking for a game-used Justin Morneau bat. The problem is, his are so broken. They just shatter."

Hard to get: Dunford's collection includes game-worn uniforms from all the team's uniform eras, "including the god-awful powder-blue away uniforms from the early '80s," he said. Another find: a flannel uniform from 1963, worn by catcher Hal Naragon, with his name embroidered on the label. "Calvin [owner Calvin Griffith] would send uniforms down to the minor leagues, so finding one in decent condition was tougher than I thought it would be."

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