The Spider-Man musical - which, I believe, has run for 9459 performances in previews - will close for a while as producers “retool” some things and try to make the “steaming pile” of theatrical horrors into something worth the hype and the money. The Daily News says:

The curtain will fall on Broadway's accident-blighted "Spider-Man" Sunday, as creators go back into rehearsals to revamp the multi-million dollar show.

Great! Because that’s what she needs. Revamping. It’s minor stuff:

The troubled production will stay dark for nearly four weeks while major cast and plot changes are introduced, including two brand new songs by U2's Bono and the Edge.

The director’s already left the show, so she wasn’t the one who had to call Bono and the Edge and say “uh, fellas, listen, we loved all the songs, and I’m a big fan of your work, especially ‘Every Move You Make,’ but can we ask a teensy favor? Just two more songs? Oh thanks, you’re the best.” This will change everything:

"The company's spirit is high, and they're very excited about the changes to the show," spokesman Rick Miramontez said. "They are looking forward to resuming performances."


Many of the changes are the result of focus groups that the show's producers organized in the winter. Despite its troubles, Sunday's final performance is sold out, Miramontez said.

By the time they’re done retooling this thing, it’s going to be a musical about the trials of a Jewish patriarch as he tries to teach proper English to a guttersnipe German cabaret singer in the South Pacific.

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