Perhaps you know of the PBS program series on birds: Earthflight. I've seen the first two programs, North America and Africa. The photography is absolutely amazing. Spectacular work. I watched the Africa segment this morning on my iPad. Loved it. I was particularly fascinated by the images of crocodiles and white sharks catching and killing other animals. Perhaps that's indicative of my cranky nature today. Which might explain my reaction to the narration. The script is terrible. There almost are more cliches than birds. And the use of the word "but" is excessive, way excessive. It got to the point where I could anticipate without effort and say the word about a second before the narrator did. But this, but that, but them, but those, etc. Eventually I turned the sound off, and pretended I was there, watching with binoculars, accompanied, perhaps, by friends who kept very quiet. It's a visual program enjoyable without sound. I think there's a good chance that my reaction to the script would be the same on my best day ever. I watched the credits twice to make certain that I didn't miss the name of the person who wrote the script. There is no credit line for that. I understand why.

Go to and look for the Earthflight programs. Links appear on the first page.