In the June issue of Consumer Reports, nearly 15,000 readers rated their experiences on major airlines.

Surprise, surprise. Southwest Airlines came in first with a reader rating of 87 out of 100 points. It received top marks for ease of checking-in and the service it received from the crew. Readers complained about the choice of in-flight entertainment. But no other airline on the list fared well in that category either, aside from Jet Blue.

I get it. I was stuck watching "Eat, Pray, Love'' on our trip to Florida in December.

Jet Blue came in second with 84 points, which is essentially a tie with Southwest, according to the survey methodology.

The list was based on the experience of readers who subscribed to the magazine in 2010. That means that some of the airlines on the list have merged since then. But here's the rundown of the 10 carriers surveyed. Sun Country was not on the list:

1. Southwest Airlines

2. Jet Blue Airways

3. Alaska Airlines

4. Frontier Airlines

5. Air Tran Airways (merged with Southwest)

6. Continental Airlines (merged with United)

7. American Airlines

8. Delta Air Lines

9. United Airlines

10. U.S. Airways