A classic car with “significant sentimental value” and its trailer stolen from a southern Dakota County storage facility have been recovered, and authorities are turning to the public for help tracking down any suspects.

The black 1951 Chevrolet Coupe, customized and with a recently replaced engine, was stolen early last month while inside a 24-foot trailer.

The car was located in the county on Thursday, and the trailer was recovered outside the county, Sheriff’s detective Sean Qualy, who declined to be more specific about those locations, said Monday.

“A concerned citizen’s tip led to their locations,” Qualy said.

There were “no signs of damage to either,” Qualy added, “[and it] did not appear the car was driven at all.”

When Gary Schulz’s car was reported stolen, a crime alert distributed to the public said “it has significant sentimental value to the family.”

Schulz, 61, said he bought the vehicle in 2014, within a year of his father’s death because he “had a very similar car he bought right after World II,” when he returned from serving in the Army in Europe.

“Mr. Schulz was very happy to get his car back and was able to drive it home,” Qualy said.

He said he bought this model for about $25,000 and spent another $3,000 or so on a new engine. He drove it to a storage facility in the Hampton area in October. He believes the car and trailer were stolen from the un-gated facility on Feb. 3, the night of the Super Bowl.

Anyone with information that could help lead authorities to any suspects is urged to call Qualy at (651) 438-4727.