Yes, they're a bit heady in South Dakota right about now after the state's two main college basketball teams came to the Twin Cities and knocked off the Gophers.

First, it was South Dakota in double overtime on Saturday. Then, on Tuesday night, it was South Dakota State, which is considered the stronger of the two teams.

Now, consider them the strongest of the three, Minnesota included.

Matt Zimmer of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader wrote: "The Coyotes were a middle-of-the-pack team in the Summit League last year, picked to finish somewhere similar this season. The Jacks are defending regular-season Summit champs and the favorites to win again this year. One could assume the loss to the Coyotes would ensure Richard Pitino's team would show up Tuesday ready to take out their frustrations on another school representing their neighbors to the rural west. But anyone who didn't know any better would've assumed the guys in the black jerseys with blue and yellow trim were the ones from the Big Ten."

A few days earlier, after the South Dakota victory over the Gophers, the Argus Leader's Mick Garry wrote: "The Gophers (5-3) were coming off a win over Clemson, but had struggled to beat Nebraska Omaha at home a little more than a week ago. Minnesota coach Richard Pitino was anxious to credit the Coyotes for Minnesota’s failures on Saturday but acted like he sensed the Gophers might not be up for a top effort against a Summit League team."

In the Minnesota Daily, the school newspaper, senior Joey King was quoted sounding like the Gophers had played Kentucky or Duke instead of South Dakota State. “It’s really disappointing. It was a great opportunity to play against a great team today.

Brian Sonnenberg of the BT Powerhouse blog, which reports on the Big Ten Conference, wrote: Whether effort or technique errors, "Minnesota just needs to play better defensively. The defensive lapses become even more glaring when Minnesota isn't shooting well. It magnifies the defensive errors because they fall behind so early. Joey King has struggled the last two games, which means the younger players are forced into larger scoring roles. Unfortunately for Minnesota their youngsters haven't found a way to pick up the slack yet and the end result was back-to-back bad losses by a team that simply cannot afford these kind of defeats."

The headline from the web site of South Dakota's three NBC-TV affiliates, blared: "AU REVOIR GOPHER! SDSU Crushes Minnesota At The Barn!"

And, finally, we bring you the newest basketball comment threat from, where the U's biggest fans and critics gather on the web to hash over their team. It's the one posted late Tuesday night headlined: Time to start looking for a new head coach.

No, wait, there's one more. The Brookings Register, the newspaper where South Dakota State is located, ran a on-word headline about the game: Shellacking

But, despite the cause for local celebration, it wasn't the main story in the newspaper's web edition as of Wednesday morning.

It was this:





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