On the trail

Ted Cruz interrupted his campaign on Saturday to attend the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The Texas senator has been among those urging the Senate not to consider replacing Scalia until after the November election. Cruz was a Supreme Court clerk to Chief Justice William Rehnquist in the 1990s and had argued before the Scalia court nine times. “He was brilliant, principled,” Cruz said of Scalia after his death last weekend.

Donald Trump isn’t getting much incoming fire from super PACs and other independent groups, which have spent more than $215 million on ads, mailers and robocalls, according to new Federal Election Commission filings. Only $9 million of that has targeted Trump. The meager investment underscores uncertainty in GOP establishment circles about how to take on the real estate mogul.

John Kasich wasn’t in South Carolina on Saturday and the Ohio governor had made it clear he didn’t expect to do well in the first primary in the South. He was in Worcester, Mass., and Colchester, Vt., instead. In Massachusetts, he assured voters he’s tough enough to be president after a woman told him that she worries he’s “too nice” to fend off his GOP rivals and world leaders like Russia’s Vladimir Putin. “It’s possible to be kind and at the same time very tough,” he said.

Donald Trump was awaiting the South Carolina primary results on Saturday, but he was also keeping an eye on Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral in Washington. He tweeted, “I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral for Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad that he did not go!”

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