Q: I have a Sunfire True Subwoofer Junior that needs repair or replacement, and I wanted to get your thoughts before I proceed. The website flannerysvintageaudio.com says that Sunfire subwoofers with serial numbers starting with 99, 00, 01 or higher no will longer be accepted for service regardless of the model of the unit. "The circuit boards in these units are of inferior quality compared to the earlier boards and are suffering from long-term heat damage that makes a lasting repair unlikely," the post says.

Because my serial number starts with 00, I emailed to ask if I should get it repaired. I was told that even if it were fixed successfully, the odds the repair would last are pretty slim.

Do you agree with this assessment? If so, I would appreciate your recommendations for a subwoofer similar in size and performance to what I have now. I use the subwoofer in a cabinet with a Marantz SR-19 receiver and Paradigm SE 1 speakers, and I'm looking for a cost-effective replacement.

A. Some vintage audio equipment is worth repairing, but there is a lot of gear that is best left behind, and it sounds like your subwoofer belongs in this category.

With vintage audio repair, it is very easy to get in too deep in terms of time, expense and frustration, and I have been there with some 1980s amplifiers and my Nakamichi cassette deck. There is shipping both ways, the cost of an estimate, the cost of the repair, parts can be scarce, and, as you mentioned, the repairs are not always 100% satisfactory. It is a sickening feeling when you spend a lot of money on a repair only to discover that your component still does not work properly. In your case, I'd agree that it is time for something new.

Sunfire subwoofers packed tremendous performance in a small package, so only a top-notch replacement will do. SVS is known for their outstanding subwoofers, and their $599.99 SB-1000 Pro would be ideal for your needs. It is less than 15 inches in every dimension and uses a sealed enclosure, which makes it more suitable for use in a cabinet than a ported subwoofer, and the performance specs are very close to your Sunfire. The sealed enclosure is optimized for tight, controlled bass like your Sunfire delivers, and with over 820 peak watts, you will not want for power. Add the app's advanced controls and in-room tuning, and you have a great new subwoofer for your system.

SVS also is an excellent company to do business with. The SVS Customer Bill of Rights guarantees your satisfaction with a 45-day trial period that includes a money-back guarantee, and they even pay return shipping, making it a truly risk-free purchase. I doubt you will need to take advantage of it, however, because I have recommended SVS for years and have never heard of anyone returning products. Learn more at svsound.com.

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