Q: Can you help me with this request from my wife, who is a very busy nurse? She is looking for a wireless earbud recommendation. She currently uses the Sbode 08 earphones but finds the cable between the two ear pieces annoying, and it gets caught up in her hair.

A: Anyone working in the health care field can get outstanding high-end earphones right now for little more than a budget pair.

The Helm True Wireless 5.0 earphones are some of the best-sounding earphones, receiving critical acclaim worldwide. They’re priced at $129.99, but Helm Audio is having a “Front Line Heroes Special Offer” with a 50% discount for verified health care professionals, members of the military and first responders. The offer ends on June 1 and is limited to one per order. Visit helmaudio.com for more details.

I would still be recommending them to you at the regular price, but for under $65, they can’t be beat.

Small TV, big speaker

Q: You recently recommended the Zvox AV203 TV Speaker. I have a 32-inch Roku TV. Won’t the speaker be overkill for such a small TV? Even on sale at $199, the speaker costs more than the television did. I watch PBS a lot, and I find the British dialogue hard to understand, so I would like to find something that would help with that. But it has to make sense.

A: Spending more on the sound system than the television actually is very common in the home theater world. It makes sense because the sound system will stay as TVs come and go. I understand why you might be hesitant with a 32-inch TV selling for under $200. Unfortunately, smaller TVs need sonic help even more than big TVs do, because they have even tinier built-in speakers.

If you can’t understand dialogue, I agree you do need to do something. Fortunately for you, Zvox has announced a sale on its “Certified Refurbished” AV155 AccuVoice TV speaker. The speakers are like-new and come with the same full one-year warranty, 60-day trial and lifetime support as new models.

The Certified Refurbished AV155 is on sale for $99.99, a whopping $150 savings over the $249.99 price of a new one. Find it by searching for “AV155 Renewed” on amazon.com or zvox.com. The AV50 headphones are $69.99, reduced from $149.99. Both offers are good through June 21 — Father’s Day, in case you might be gift-shopping.

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