Via Deadspin comes the tale of Scott Heins, who is described in a post he did for the site as a writer, photojournalist, and urban explorer born in Minnesota and living in New York City.

In the post Heins describes gaining illicit access to the new Vikings’ stadium under construction during a recent evening:

On a warm evening last month I parked my car on Chicago Avenue, not far from the stadium, and with camera gear in tow headed over to look at the site’s outermost barrier — a mix of chain-link fence and plastic barricades. A simple push against the fence opened a human-sized gap a few feet off the ground and in seconds I slipped from sanctioned public space onto the rocky dirt of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority. I was exposed in the open space between the site’s security fence and the stadium’s rising walls. Sirens echoed from the other side of skyscrapers, ambient city noise, and I dashed between cranes, pickup trucks, and bobcats into the cover of the stadium itself.


While I wouldn’t recommend duplicating what Heins did (and I would imagine security might tighten up at the stadium site now that his post has been published), the pictures he got of the new stadium at night were pretty sweet. You can check them out right here.

UPDATE: Mortenson Construction passed along the following statement late this afternoon:

“Mortenson Construction and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority are aware of a recent trespassing incident on the U.S. Bank Stadium project site in Minneapolis. The incident appears to have occurred after hours once workers had left and locked the site gates for the day. Trespassing on construction sites is illegal and very dangerous. We take this situation very seriously and we are evaluating all options with local authorities to have this individual face consequences for his unlawful entry to the site and to further increase security after hours.”

The Vikings said they would have no comment, deferring to the above statement.

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