Affordable vet care

With the help of a $2.8 million grant from Maddie's Fund, researchers from the University of Tennessee's colleges of veterinary medicine, social work, business and the Department of Public Health are working together to develop a health care system that will improve access to veterinary care for families with limited financial resources. Ensuring that all pets have good health care not only benefits the animals and their families, but also improves public health. Called AlignCare, the one-health model will promote interprofessional collaboration that takes into account the influence of pets on family health and well-being and help to keep pets in homes while providing needed care.

Swimming with the cats

Does your cat love playing in water? Whether cats dabble their paws beneath a running faucet, splash in their water dish, swim in the kiddie pool or join you in the shower, cats can be true water babies. Among the breeds known to play on the wet side are Turkish vans (nicknamed "swimming cats" in their homeland of Turkey), Turkish Angoras, Savannahs, American bobtails, Bengals, Japanese bobtails and Manx (both island cats), Abyssinian (which originated in Indian Ocean coastal areas), Norwegian forest cats (descended from Viking cats) and Maine coons.

Pet Connection