Losing your page in a book is a time suck. Losing your spot in a Netflix series is a chilling misfortune.

As our viewing habits shift from television screens to laptops, so, too, must our accessories. Perhaps that’s why the online streaming service has debuted a step-by-step guide for building “Netflix socks.” By monitoring your movement, the socks will detect when you fall asleep and pause your show so you can resume watching from the same spot when you wake up.

The DIY project arrives during peak “Netflix and chill” season, warming the homebody and binge-watcher in all of us. The company’s tagline: “Go ahead. Watch yourself to sleep.”

Actually building socks that will serve as an alternative to the auto-sleep setting on your cable TV remote is not a small feet. (Pun intended.)

You’ll need knit socks, a battery, piece of felt, LED indicator light and other techy pieces (i.e. an arduino microcontroller) unfamiliar to the average viewer.

For the more gifted crafters, Netflix uploaded design ideas to capture the aesthetic of your favorite series.

Want to be best friends with Titus of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”? Try the “Pinot Noir” design. Dig the backhanded politics on “House of Cards”? Opt for an upside-down American flag. Did you belly-laugh through “Grace and Frankie”? Stitch together an image of two same-sex senior citizen couples.

The full instructions are available on Net­flix’s website. Binge wisely.