Friday as "Snowzilla" was bearing down on the East Coast, a producer at NBC News asked me to explain our collective fascination and anxiety about weather. I don't pretend to have the answer, but I have a few theories.

We consider ourselves technologically advanced, yet nobody has figured out a way to stop a storm. We are powerless in the face of nature. And a megastorm is democratic, affecting rich and poor, city dwellers and suburbanites. Storms don't discriminate. They also unite us in a way few other things can. Super Bowl 50 notwithstanding.

Quiet weather lingers into the weekend — no drama brewing close to home, which is standard fare for an El Niño winter in Minnesota. A thaw is likely later this week into the weekend. A Friday slush event is possible, but ECMWF guidance keeps next week's storm south and east of Minnesota.

Although the coldest readings of winter are probably behind us, NOAA's GFS model brushes Minnesota with a few subzero nights by late next week.

A few more numbing temperature relapses? Count on it.