“There is a privacy about winter that no other season gives you. Only in winter can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself,” wrote Ruth Stout. Breaking an ankle has forced me to slow down, something I’m not terribly good at. It’s left more time for reading, reflection and recharging. Meteorologists savor spells of quiet weather, because we know it can’t last.

Tuesday’s potential snowfall is still an enigma wrapped in a riddle. A consensus of models keeps the heaviest snow bands south and east of MSP. We could still see a few inches; it may even be plowable. But don’t trust any forecast down to the inch this far out. The science just isn’t there.

What’s not in doubt is an inevitable cooling trend. We chill into the teens and 20s by late week. A quick thaw Super Bowl Sunday gives way to a reinforcing shot of fresh air; a few more subzero nights may be 10 days away. But it can’t stay as cold — for as long — in February, thanks to a higher sun angle.

NOAA’s CFS climate model predicts a milder-than-average February, and a much warmer March.