The same storm system that will spark severe weather over the southern Plains later today will return snow farther north. Snow that is starting today over southwestern South Dakota will shift into western Nebraska.

The snow over western Nebraska will initially begin as rain today. A changeover to the snow will not take place until the arrival of colder air.

Many places will receive up to 2 inches of snow into this evening. Amounts will top 2 inches over a narrow zone across western Nebraska. That zone includes Interstate 80 from North Platte to the intersection of Interstate 76.

With temperatures close to the freezing mark, a wet snow is anticipated.

This will result in the heaviest accumulations being confined to grassy surfaces. Motorists will have to endure slushy roads and reduced visibility.

More slippery spots will develop this evening as temperatures plunge and remain below freezing.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski