"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing choices" the adage goes. Speaking of inappropriate: Last week I won second place in a WCCO Radio ugly sweater contest. I didn't even know we were having a contest. I love that sweater. Then again, it's 2020. Nobody cares what you wear when you quarantine.

Yesterday's plowable powder was the last snow event, looking out the next one to two weeks, as we enter a quieter period. If you like snow (you know who you are) get out and romp in Aspen-like powder the next few days, because another puff of Pacific air will lure backyard thermometers to, or just above, freezing a few days next week. That pile of white in your yard won't disappear anytime soon, but it may get a little mushy within a week or so.

A few cool slaps are brewing for the second week of January, but temperatures remain above zero the next two weeks. Rapid stratospheric warming above Siberia may be an early signal of (much) colder weather the latter half of January. We'll see.