"Oh, the weather outside is frightful … " Not so much. Old Man Winter has joined the witness protection program, hunkering down somewhere in the Yukon. The odds of a white Christmas in the Twin Cities metro are slim to nil. That won't stop Santa, but kids of all ages are flummoxed at the thought of the second brown Christmas in a row at MSP.

Yes, lack of ice has helped commuters, and MnDOT is going to throw a statewide party with the money it's not using to plow metro roads, but a snow no-show at Christmas just seems … off.

If we're lucky, we might wind up with a shoe-full of slush by Christmas Eve. Today looks dry; Wednesday's anemic storm starts as rain and changes to a coating of slush by nightfall. If you squint and pretend — there may be a Tulsa-like smear of white on your lawn Christmas Eve.

Another inch or so of slush is possible Saturday but no problems getting home on Sunday. The remnants of a big, southern storm may push a swirl of rain into town next Tuesday.

No polar plunges, just dribs and drabs of snow — and an occasional, obligatory cold front. Winter Lite.