Major snow-related disruptions hindered mobility for millions of residents in the United Kingdom on Thursday as a major cold wave entered its second week.

Southern and southeastern England, including outskirts of London, suffered a second day of heavy snowfall.

The busy regional airport of Gatwick, south of London, was shut for a second day owing to the weather. Nearby Charlwood observed a snow depth of 10 inches, an exceptional amount of snow for the region.

Snow in eastern England (Credit: Rob, Facebook fan) Snow and ice brought accidents, delays and at times even chaos on roads and highways across many parts of the U.K. according to reports.

The head of the U.K. Highways Agency urged would-be drivers to stay home barring a necessity to travel.

"I think it is really important that people think whether their journey really is necessary," he said.

Complaints have been raised that storm response for the roadways has been weak.

Local and national rail service also suffered delays and cancelations.

Snowy beach in Scotland (Credit: Tom, Facebook fan) An area from eastern Scotland through northeastern England has born the brunt of the heaviest snow with this extreme wintry outbreak, and Thursday brought more of the same.

The Edinburgh, Scotland, airport was shut once again on Thursday as the snow depth reached nearly one foot.

Snow depth in the Scottish Borders and neighboring Northumberland, England, already above one foot, rose further. At Redesdale Camp, snow depth reached 15 inches, the highest thus far.

The unusual cold will last through at least the end of the week, bringing with it potential for further snow in areas of the U.K.

By Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews