Alec Baldwin was back on “SNL” as Donald Trump this week, advising Mike Pence to leave all kinds of events for disrespecting the U.S. flag, the sanctity of marriage and Santa Claus.

Trump gave a stump speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the sketch — “Harrass-burg,” as Baldwin’s Trump called it — but kept stopping his speech to check in with Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence to see if anyone was being disrespectful at different events. It was a riff on a real event in which Pence attended an Indianapolis Colts game but left during the national anthem because players knelt during the national anthem.

Pence started by attending a basketball game, where he reported that players were kneeling during the national anthem.

“Get out of there Mike, bail, haul ass out of there!” Trump commanded.

Next, Trump caught up with Pence at a Starbucks. Baldwin’s Trump asked whether the coffee shop had its holiday cups out, and whether they said “Merry Christmas.”

When Pence reported they said “Pumpkin Spice is Back,” Trump demanded Pence leave the store.

“We’re going to start saying Merry Christmas again, and you can’t disrespect our lord and savior Santa Claus like that,” Trump said.

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