This is how we thin the herd in Minnesota. So, do you really want to live here? Let's see how your coping skills have evolved. It's worth remembering we don't get earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis or lava.

According to the local National Weather Service, only three of the past 20 Octobers have seen measurable snow, for a total of 3.5 inches. Some towns west of the metro will pick up 2-5 inches today, mainly on lawns and fields.

Ground temperatures are still mild, so snow will melt on contact for a time. And air temperatures above 32 will keep most roads wet until tonight, when the mercury dips below freezing. A rain/snow mix could mean less than an inch east of St. Paul, while far western suburbs pick up 2-4 inches of slushy fun.

Does it mean this winter will be severe, Paul? Not necessarily. My hunch: More snow and cold than last year, but probably not an extreme "polar vortex" winter.

Any slush should be gone by Sunday, but Halloween looks chilly and dry with trick-or-treat temperatures near 40.